Report on ESG and AI – Key Acronyms for Our Present and Future

Report on ESG and AI – Key Acronyms for Our Present and Future

Unknown words and acronyms continually appear in public discourse. The complexity of politics and globalization have created a new vocabulary, often unfamiliar to citizens and even experts.

ESG: An acronym we will hear more and more, relevant not just to businesses but also to employees and consumers.

What is ESG? It refers to criteria for measuring, comparing, and evaluating the impact of business operations on the environment (E), society (S), and corporate governance (G).

All major stock exchanges, including the Greek one, now consider not only profitability but also the footprint of each business in these areas, which increasingly concern the quality of life, as well as environmental and social justice.

Businesses that are not prepared for these modern demands will soon face significant challenges in attracting investment capital, loan approvals, and promoting their products in domestic and international markets.

In the new era of climate change and artificial intelligence, the role of businesses is evolving.

The aim of this special report by DIKTIO is to inform and provoke thoughts on issues concerning ESG criteria, not just for businesses but for all those interested in the new European and international framework, and of course, the role that artificial intelligence and digital transformation can play in implementing policies for the environment, social responsibility, and governance.

The President,

Anna Diamantopoulou