Meeting of Anna Diamantopoulou with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis – Greece claims the leadership of the OECD.

Meeting of Anna Diamantopoulou with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis – Greece claims the leadership of the OECD.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met today with former Commissioner and Minister and President of the Network for Reform in Greece and Europe Anna Diamantopoulou, whom Greece will nominate as the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) .

After the meeting, the Prime Minister made the following statement:

“In the face of pandemics, global economic turmoil, security issues and new challenges such as migration and climate change, the role of international organizations is becoming critical. All the more so when we talk about the OECD, the foremost body for cooperation between states with the aim of peace and common development.

Our country was a founding member of this important organization. In fact, a Greek, Xenophon Zolotas, was the rapporteur of his current form. It is my pleasure, then, that, 60 years later, for the first time in its history, our country is running for its leadership. And a worthy Greek woman is nominated for the position of OECD Secretary General: Anna Diamantopoulou.

Mrs. Diamantopoulou is a cross-party choice, with a multidimensional scientific and social path. With international experience and recognition. But also action in areas such as Education, Employment, New Technologies and the Environment. In other words, issues that belong to the first line of interest of the OECD for the 21st century. Her personality has been linked to bold choices, big consensus and innovative proposals: As European Commissioner she has honored her portfolio of Employment and Social Policy. As Minister of Education, he was the protagonist of educational reforms in our country. And as Minister of Development he worked for the modernization of our economy.

While, for 8 years, he is the head of the Network. A pioneering Institute, which focuses on the reforms required by the ND Industrial Revolution, having international collaborations on 4 continents. Anna Diamantopoulou marks the modern Greek woman of progress and the world. With knowledge, prestige and scope, that go beyond our national borders. She is therefore the most suitable candidate for the post of Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. I wish her good luck and an appetite for work “.

Anna Diamantopoulou stated:

“The decision of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to nominate me for the position of Secretary General of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), is for me a great honor and at the same time, a great responsibility.

Greece claims the leadership of the OECD.

The process of electing the new Secretary General is a showdown between states and important personalities, for noble and lofty goals. The very path to the goal is worth our organized joint effort.

Greece, through the hard and painstaking efforts of our people and political forces, has proved the timeless resilience of its democratic institutions. Her ability and will for a brave extroversion. This attitude is now internationally recognized, and provides it with additional benefits. The world after the pandemic must be more open to cooperation and solidarity between countries and prevent conflicts, exclusions and discrimination.

Greece can become a co-shaper of developments in international organizations, joining national forces, taking advantage of individuals and persons and securing international alliances. And that is exactly what we will try to achieve. “

Of the 37 OECD member states, 22 are also members of the European Union, while four more are European (Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland). It is noted that the current Secretary General, Angel Gurria, comes from Mexico while his predecessor, the Canadian Donald J. Johnston, also came from the American continent, events that strengthen a candidacy from Europe.

Claiming the leadership of such an important organization offers our country the opportunity to highlight its role, its image and its contribution. In this context, the election of Mrs. Diamantopoulou would be a significant success for Greece.

By projecting a well-founded and ambitious vision for the OECD, the Greek candidacy presents a renewed, meritocratic, dynamic, future-oriented Greece that embraces reforms that bring prosperity and progress to all. The personality of Mrs. A. Diamantopoulou offers to embody such a narrative. Thanks to her long political career, which includes managing diverse portfolios, and her studies that go beyond narrow financial specialization, Ms. Diamantopoulou meets all the criteria set by the OECD in the call for applications. Also through her activity as President of the Network, she has developed relations in the most important countries of the world.