James Kondo

James Kondo

DIKTIO held one more of its succesfull projects: “working breakfasts with leaders”.

This time invited was Mr. James Kondo, former Vice President of Twitter Inc in San Francisco and Chairman of Twitter Japan from 2011 until 2015. Currently, James is a core member at Laboratory of Social Machines, MIT Media Lab focused on social impact applications of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Previously, James was Special Advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan and management consultant at McKinsey & Co.

The topic of the event was the 4ht Industrial revolution

In general, societies with aging population and shrinking working age population should find AI/robotics more beneficial. There will be lack of basic workforce to do some tasks, and there will be demand for such machine led tasks as elderly care and self-driving. This is the reason, for example, that Japan is positive about AI/robotics.

However, with high unemployment, such receptivity may be low – notwithstanding the need for these efforts to get activated with lead time.

There may also be a fear that Greece will be consumers of such technology, not producers. 

The above is about economy and society. But there are perhaps larger impact on military and global issues. 

James Kondo s team at MIT is digging deeper into the use of AI to revitalize journalism by creating a data trust for public sphere.

One other topic was how technology and AI will transform journalism and democracy.