European Parliamentary Research Service

This InfoGraphic looks at the forthcoming European elections, comparing key data for each Member State. The elections to the next European Parliament will be held in all EU Member States between 22 and 25 May 2014. Election day (in some Member States still subject to confirmation) is set by each Member State according to its own traditions; in some, voting at European elections is compulsory.

The EP currently, and temporarily, has 766 MEPs. After the 2014 elections, this will be reduced to 751 MEPs. The map provides information on the number of Members to be elected in each Member State including information about voting systems and division into constituencies. The InfoGraphic also provides information about systems in place to allow voting from abroad, on the differing thresholds, of up to 5%, governing the allocation of seats and the minimum age to be eligible to stand as a candidate in the European elections in each Member State.


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