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Robert Bosh Academy personal story

"Germany with Greek eyes, Greece with German eyes" Anna Diamantopoulou, president of DIKTIO, gives insights into her Richard von Weizsäcker Fellowship at the Robert Bosch Academy and how it enriches her current activities. “The atmosphere at the Robert Bosch Academy…

Interview in der "Wiener Zeitung"

Das Interview der Präsidenten des DIKTIO in der "Wiener Zeitung" Dienstag, 21 August 2018 Webversion: https://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/top_news/983716_Yanis-Varoufakis-hat-uns-100-Milliarden-Euro-gekostet.html

President of DIKTIO at Bloomberg Berlin

President of DIKTIO Anna Diamantopoulou discusses the deal between EU-IMF-Greek Govenment with Bloomberg's Matt Miller in Berlin. May 25, 2016Greece’s creditors reached a preliminary accord to ease the country’s debt burden but left the important details to be hammered out…

Hypocrisy, Anti-Hypocrisy and International Order

The president of "Diktio" Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou, contributed the following remarks on a Meeting of the Reflection Group on Foreign Policies and International Order. This is a part of the project “Hypocrisy, Anti-Hypocrisy and International Order: the Dilemmas of Liberal…

The strengthening of EMU needs a much faster timeframe

The handling of the Greek drama revealed evidence that “nature abhors vacuum”. Germany tried to benefit from French weakness, and when France took back the initiative by proposing feasible compromises, Germany stepped down and equilibrium was partially restored. Europe can’t…

In search of popular reformers

A month after the Greek elections, any interpretation of electorate’s preferences cannot be solely relied to the central European manual of analysis based on rationality and reason. Rather, it has to be viewed and analyzed through magnifying lenses revealing certain…

Diktio's president on Bloomberg

Diktio’s President Anna Diamantopoulou on Bloomberg TV: The next three days are Greece's "most crucial" since the second world war. The gates of hell have opened for the Greek people // source: bloomberg.com

Diktio's president on CNBC

Diktio’s President Anna Diamantopoulou on CNBC TV: There is no life for Greece outside the EU source: cnbc.com