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Eva is an architect. Since 2001, she has been developing a network of collaborators in studies and construction of projects oriented in environmental design. She has been a founding member of the non-profit organization, ‘’Architecture san Frontieres’’ in Greece, member of the international network ‘’Architecture san Frontieres- International’’.


Takis Anastopoulos was born in 1948 in Kalamata. He lived and studied in Athens and Strasbourg. He worked at the Commission in Brussels, as a specialist in institutional relationships. He is currently emeritus Director of the European Commission. He speaks English and French.



He has been General Secretary for Youth. He has been founding member of the citizens initiative against the war in Iraq (peaceflag) and of the citizens demonstration for the fire in Parnitha.



Kostas Bastas has a degree in Public Administration - Urban & Regional Development from Panteion University. He has been involved in organising professional seminars (training, investment analysis, consumption patterns). Today he works as an entrepreneurship and employment consultant.



Born in 1969 in Lamia he attended the Exeplanery Primary and High School Academy of Education of Lamia. Honored from the club of Roumelioton, he studied at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Physics. His love for music and journalism, however, got him involved with the music press, as editor in magazines Popcorn and VIRGIN MEGASTORE MAGAZINE and as an editor at POP & ROCK magazine. From 2001 until today is in the position of Director of the Media Program of MAD TV.



Born in Athens in 1981. Graduate of the Department of Business Administration, with a Masters in Applied Mathematical Economics. He runs one of the largest clothing companies in Greece with rich export activity.