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DIKTIO's President and Members have an active role in participating in international meetings and events.


DIKTIO participated in the Economist Conference on the "Artificially Intelligent Healthcare Sector".

Anna Diamantopoulou, President of DIKTIO, as main speaker and Dr Evi Hadjiandreou, scientific advisor of DIKTIO, as 2 panels moderator and introdactory speaker.

For more Information about the Economist's Event follow this link:


Anna Diamantopoulou

Evi Hatziandreou 

Santader UIMP 2018: EU from Crises to Challenges. Towards a New Normal?

President of DIKTIO participated in the international conference "Quo Vadis Europa", organized by the University of Santander 29-31 August 2018 (UIMP).

Mrs Diamantopoulou, spoke about the challenges of the EU iin the new era:  From Crises to Challenges. Towards a New Normal? - EU Crisis and its social impact; What is the future of social Europe? A sustainable digital revolution for the many, not the few.

During the conference Mrs Diamantopoulou met with the Foreign Minister of Spain and chair of the organizing committee Prof. Josep Borrell.


European Forum Alpbach 2018

President of DIKTIO Anna Diamantopoulou participated in the Semminar Week of the Annual European Forum of Albach (15-21/8/2018). The Seminar Week is the academic centrepiece of the Forum. The programme comprises seminars devised and taught by internationally renowned academics and personalities. Its emphasis an open debate and its interdisciplinary atmosphere set the Seminar Week apart.

Mrs Diamantopoulou taught at the seminars on the subject of Economic Shocks. Examining several European member states and especially Greece, this seminar shed light on the political, economic and social repercussions of the Eurozone crisis and subsequent programs of domestic austerity. What impact did such an approach have on Greek society? What measures can be taken nationally and internationally in order to strengthen Greece, and thereby Europe? How have other member states been affected? The role of the former so-called “Troika” also assessed in this seminar and which policies, contracts and procedures like the “European Semester” or the “Fiscal Compact” were installed by the supranational level. Finally, future scenarios and different standpoints considered to discussed prospects for political and social cohesion within the EU.


Meeting with the Korean Ambassador in Greece

DIKTIO had the honor of welcoming at its office Η.Ε. the South Korean Ambassador in Greece Mr. Susuk LIM. Following the DIKTIO’s delegation recent visit to technological research institutes in South Korea, Mr. LIM expressed his willingness to contribute to the further cooperation and strengthening between DIKTIO and Korean Institutes. DIKTIO’s president Ms Anna Diamantopoulou and diector Ms Marily Mexi, thanked Mr. Ambassador for his willingness and have assured that will continue the creative co-operation with Korean Institutions and Think Tanks, especially in the field of the research for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

FES Athens - 2nd Progressive Youth Academy in 2018

From June 15 until June 17 take place on the island of Spetses the second Progressive Youth Academy (PYA) of Friedrich Erbert Stiftung of Athens. The participants. Young people of high academic standing, in social and political action, discussed through various kinds of dialogue the important issues of "progressive thinking" in Greece and Europe. On behalf of DIKTIO participated George Papoulias, who made a presentation on the "4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of work". 

4th School of Democracy - Reggio Emillia, Italy

The president of DIKTIO Ms Diamantopoulou participated in the 4th annual political seminar "School of Democracy" organized by the S&D Group of the European Parliament at University of Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna, Italy, 6 - 8 JUNE 2018. The participants were young people with political action from all over Europe where they discussed the most important social issues. DIKTIO's president participated as a keynote speaker at workshop 2 "Fighting Inequalities through Education", due to her former status as an EU Commissioner and Minister of Education and also as the leader of "Invest of Education" European citizen campaign.


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4th Industrial Revolution - 4th generation of human and labor rights

DIKTIO' s President A. Diamantopoulou and Director Dr. M.Mexi, participated at the International Conference held in Seoul, on human and labor rights in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, under the auspices of the UN, the University of Korea, the Korean Ministry of Justice and the Institute of Human Rights with the participation of representatives of universities, think tanks, institutions and institutions from every corner of the globe.
The president of DIKTIO in her speech at the conference hall, at the University of Seoul, referred to the "new generation" of human and labor rights stemming from the rapid technological developments.
On the occasion of the International Conference, the representatives of DIKTIO visited public and private research institutes, such as the Korean Institute for Science and Technology and the Samsung Economic Research Institute an participated in a working meeting with the Korean Presidential Committee for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Ms Diamantopoulou speech at the Korea University in Seoul
Ms Mexi Speech at the Korea University in Seoul
Ms Diamantopoulou and Dr Mexi at Korean Institute for Science and Technology
From the working meeting with the members of the presidental committe
From the meeting at Samsung Economic Research Institute

Study trip Turkey 9-12 January

DIKTIO’s President Anna Diamantopoulou participated in a four-day policy visit to Turkey, jointly organized by the Center for Liberal Strategies and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, from January 9th-12th, together with a group of distinguished academics, politicians, diplomats, journalists and think tank executives.
The visit agenda included working meetings with high profile personalities of government, academia, media and think tanks. An official meeting with His Most Divine All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch also took place in Instanbul.
The principal aim of the project whose needs the policy visit served, is studying the future of European Union – Turkey relations as well as identifying past errors and misunderstandings of both parts.

Lisbon 2017: FEPS Scientific Council & PES Council

Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou, President of DIKTIO, participated in the meeting of the FEPS Scientific Council and the Council of the European Socialist Party (PES), which took both place in Lisbon, between November 30 and December 2.
The Scientific Council of FEPS (the largest progressive think tank in Europe) met last week for the first time under the presidency of Mr. Josep Borell, in order to draft the Foundation's activity plan for the year 2018.

PES council’s main focus was policymaking towards a progressive renewal for Europe in light of upcoming political developments, mainly 2019 European Parliament elections.


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