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European Forum Alpbach 2018

Featured European Forum Alpbach 2018

President of DIKTIO Anna Diamantopoulou participated in the Semminar Week of the Annual European Forum of Albach (15-21/8/2018). The Seminar Week is the academic centrepiece of the Forum. The programme comprises seminars devised and taught by internationally renowned academics and personalities. Its emphasis an open debate and its interdisciplinary atmosphere set the Seminar Week apart.

Mrs Diamantopoulou taught at the seminars on the subject of Economic Shocks. Examining several European member states and especially Greece, this seminar shed light on the political, economic and social repercussions of the Eurozone crisis and subsequent programs of domestic austerity. What impact did such an approach have on Greek society? What measures can be taken nationally and internationally in order to strengthen Greece, and thereby Europe? How have other member states been affected? The role of the former so-called “Troika” also assessed in this seminar and which policies, contracts and procedures like the “European Semester” or the “Fiscal Compact” were installed by the supranational level. Finally, future scenarios and different standpoints considered to discussed prospects for political and social cohesion within the EU.


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