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Brussels: FoE State of Europe 2017

DIKTIO's president Anna Diamantopoulou, participated in the annual "State of Europe" meeting of the largest European Think Tank "Friends of Europe", which took place in Brussels on 11-12 October 2017. This year's debate was dedicated to the digital economy and digital democracy.
According to the president of the DIKTIO - NETWORK, "The changes are enormous and several countries in Europe now have business plans that include changes in the function of their services in order to deal with and exploit the 4th industrial revolution that is already here. The country that has established significant head start in all levels is Estonia, where its citizens now have a digital identity and NEVER have to visit a public service in person. The arguments are many and interesting. The philosopher Philippe Van Parijs for example, expresses a lot of doubts and concerns about the lack of personal engagement and awareness of the citizen on the issue of voting. However, it is impressive, according to all facts, that especially in the under-40s, the digital age is now the absolute reality."


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