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Thessaloniki Summit 2017: Growth for Northern Greece focusing on research and innovation

DIKTIO's president Anna Diamantopoulou, participated as a speaker at the "Thessaloniki Summit" 2017 International Conference, which took place in Thessaloniki on the 5-6 October, concerning the prospects for growth in northern Greece.
The president of the DIKTIO - NETWORK presented specific data of the economic environment in the country and especially in Northern Greece. The president put forward a series of development proposals, both long-term and short-term. Anna Diamantopoulou also referred to the possibility of direct attraction of foreign students to the five university institutes of Northern Greece, with the implementation of a significant number of English speaking postgraduate programs from the private sector, without any conditions.
Mrs Diamantopoulou proposed concrete steps to achieve the development goals:
• Facilitate the establishment of research centers of large multinational corporations (as is done in Israel).
• A set of bilateral agreements with countries and regions that have successful partnerships between the government and the private sector. Indicatively: The USA to develop venture capital to fund start-ups mainly in IT and the environment. Denmark to develop cluster linking research, agriculture and food industry. Germany for joint ventures in the field of renewable energy.
• Link traditional sectors such as agricultural food, forestry, tourism and textile products with innovation through universities and research centers.


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