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Official letter from A. Diamantopoulou to Jean-Claude Juncker

Official Letter from Anna Diamantopoulou, president of DIKTIO-Network for Reform in Greece and Europe to Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker president of the European Comissionasking to publish the Commission's "Plan B" in case of Grexit.

Athens, 29th January 2017

Dear President of the European Commission,

Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker,

Our «DIKTIO – NETWORK for Reform in Greece and Europe», is a Greek think tank, set up in 2013 in cooperation with the Jacque Delors “Notre Europe”.  In these four years, DIKTIO  has  been dealing with the reforms that are necessary in Greece as well as  in Europe, has worked and presented to the Greek Public, a series of proposals on many particular issues (debt, taxes, pension system, education etc.) and has co-hosted or taken part in many conferences with many of the major European think tanks, as one could well see in http://todiktio.eu/

As you know, given your unquestionable interest in the European Unity as well as Greece,   eight years after the eruption of the crisis, the European orientation of my country is challenged, for the first time, by significant segments of the population, with the anti-European populism preaching the exit from the Euro, as the only way out of the economic crisis.

As president of DIKTΙO, but also as a former Commissioner, I consider extremely important to present the effects of an exit from the Euro, both to the economy and the lives of the citizens, in a documented and reliable way, both in Greece and all member-countries facing similar tendencies.

With regard to Greece, on July 8th, 2015, the website euractiv.com published an article with the title “Europe ready for ‘worst case scenario’ on Greece” (see link: https://www.euractiv.com/section/euro-finance/news/europe-ready-for-worst-case-scenario-on-greece/).

In this article one reads: “‘Plan B’ Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann was equally cautious, warning that if there was no deal on Sunday (12 July),

Eurozone governments would have to prepare “Plan B,” code for Greece being excluded from the single European currency bloc.

Even Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission who has worked tirelessly to keep Greece in the euro, said he now had detailed plans to cope with a “Grexit” if Tsipras failed to deliver. “We have a ‘Grexit’ scenario prepared in detail,” he told a press briefing after the meeting.”

Taking into consideration, Article 2 of Nr. 1049/2001 Regulation of the European Parliament and Commission we would like to have access to the above Grexit scenario which the Commission has prepared.

We believe that, with Greece facing a threat of  historic proportions, it is a matter of national emergency with profound effects on the E.U.  It is a matter above and beyond the legal interpretations and exceptions for the distribution of the document, in which we believe we could find important documentation on the issue, that could help us on our detailed and reliable presentation of the effects. The  Greek citizens must be informed on the real risks now and before anti-Euro sentiment becomes irreversible.


Yours sincerely,

Anna Diamantopoulou