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Takis Anastopoulos Takis Anastopoulos

DIKTIO participated in the Research coordinated by the think-tank Notre Europe - Jacques Delors and the Vote Watch Europe with the contribution of other European think-tanks, entitled 15 votes that shaped the 7th European Parliament (2009-2014). http://www.notre-europe.eu/media/ep2014-nejdi-votewatch-pan-european-project.pdf?pdf=ok

VoteWatch Europe and Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute have joined forces together with think tanks and research institutes from 20 EU member states for an analysis of "15 key votes in the European Parliament that shaped European and national politics 2009-2014" in order to raise awareness of the issues at stake in the elections and to make democratic politics more visible.

At the launch event on 19 March 2014 in Brussels, many of the researchers involved in the project presented and discussed their findings in two panel discussions. The Vice President of the “DIKTIO” for Reform in Greece and Europe Mr.Takis Anastopoulos participated in the launch event which was coordinated by the think-tank Notre Europe - Jacques Delors and the VoteWatch Europe in Brussels with the contribution of other European think-tanks such as the “DIKTIO”. http://www.notre-europe.eu/011-18109-Brussels-19-March-2014-15-European-Parliament-votes-that-shaped-EU-and-national-politics-2009-2014.html

The researchers of DIKTIO published a report on the Greek MEPs’ votes on 15 different issues and a summary of the findings of the report. http://en.todiktio.eu/index.php/component/k2/item/329-europe-votes

You can find here the presentation by Doru Frantescu, VoteWatch Europe policy director and co-founder, on voting trends in the 2009-14 EP, and possible scenarios following the latest PollWatch2014 forecast. - See more at: http://term7.votewatch.eu/en/research.html#sthash.4lePokXQ.dpuf