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Tourism and The 4th Industrial Revolution

DIKTIO co-hosted a conference on Tourism and The Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with the University of Western Attica and the Institute of the Federation of Greek Tourist Enterprises

The Conference, devoted to the memory of Professor Periklis Litras, one of the founders of the University, was hosted at its main conference centre.

DIKTIO's President, Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou, remarked that Tourism combines experiential elements such as nature,culture, architecture, tradition but first of all it involves interpersonal contact. In this context, she highlighted that the new digital revolution which is already part of our reality, creates the need to approach tourism from new perspectives. The developments of the last few years (from smart apps and services to digital bookings) as well as the datafication of the tourist industry, are totally altering realities in the sector, propelling us to quickly move to the new era. So as for Greece to adapt to this new era, it has to rapidly develop its potential, especially when it comes to the tourist sector. Visionary leadership and a concrete strategic time schedule with quantitative goals are imperatives so as for Greece to take the leap and become one of the countries of digital avant-garde.

Among the Conference speakers were representatives from academia, the digital business world and relative institutions.

Anna Diamantopoulou -President of DIKTIO

Yiannis Retsos - President of S.E.T.E. 

Prof. Konstantinos Moutzouris - Chairman of the steering committee of the University

Dimitris Papastergiou - Mayor of Trikala, a digital friendly Greek town. 

Prof. Panagiotis Kaldis 

General director of IN.S.E.T.E. Ilias Kikilias