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The 4th Industrial Revolution and Economy: FINTECH

Diktio hosted on Monday (Sep. 17) a Fintech focused event for our members during which a very thorough Fintech report was presented by Dr. Kourouthanassis, of the Ionian University and Dr. Doukidis, of the Athens University of Economics and Business; and several policy reforms were suggested.

The 40-page report offered a thorough overview of Fintech subsectors and also of the policies that have enabled countries to become Fintech hubs.

The working breakfast event was attended by representatives of the government, of the main opposition party and the main parliamentary parties, former ministers, executives of the Bank of Greece, of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission, rectors and professors from the largest universities of Greece, executives of major innovators in Fintech, and journalists. 

Speakers were also: Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou, president of DIKTIO,  Mr. Vassilios Trapezanoglou, Digital Innovation Consultant, Chairman and CEO of DISC SA, Ms. Stavroula Kambouridou - IT Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Greece and from Geneva (via video) Mrs. Efi Pilarinou, International Consultant for Fintech.

The debate was moderated by the directror of DIKTIO Ms. Marily Mexi.

You can find here detailed analysis of the report and comments of the event by Mrs Pilarinou. 

(from the left) Pr. Kourouthanasis, Ms. Mexi, Pr. Doukidis

Mrs. Diamantopoulou

Pr. Doukidis

Pr. Kourouthanasis

Mr. Trapezanoglou

Ms. Kampouridou