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"Faces on Divides" - Eurolab #1, Athens

EP project "Faces on Divides" Eurolab #1

The Jacques Delors Institute in partnership with DIKTIO - Network for Reform in Greece and Europe implement the project "Faces on Divides", supported by the European Parliament. In the frame work of the project organized a grand oral of the Greek MEPs on the basis of the country notes on the MEPs votes. This oral entitled Eurolab #1 held  in partnership with Mr. Spyros Blavoukos, Assistant Professor, Department of International and European Economic Studies, Athens University of Economics and Business, on April 9th, 2017. Eurolab’s keynote speakers were Mr. Takis Anastopoulos, Vice-President DIKTIO, Emeritus Director General of the European Commission and Mr. Nikos Androulakis,  MEP PASOK- Elia, S & D Group. Anthi Soulitsioti, Research Associate, DIKTIO, Project Manager of the EP Project “FACES ON DIVIDES” in Greece, presented an analysis on the basis of the country notes on the MEPs votes concerning 20 important decisions. Yannis Mastrogeorgiou, Director, DIKTIO, made the introduction and welcomed more than 60 students of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Also Hamza Abbas – Research Assistant of the EP project "Faces on Divides", participated at the panel on behalf of Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute.

EP PROJECT: Faces on Divides - MEPs votes Mid-term assessment

In order to foster a better understanding of the European parliament functioning and a better dialogue between citizens and their European representatives so as to promote a better participation in the European construction, the Jacques Delors Institute with the support of the European Parliament, in collaboration with VoteWatch Europe publishes vote sheets which assess the MEP’s mid-term votes on 20 key issues. In order to make the project benefit to populations where the EU is at stake, we deem particularly relevant to work hand in hand with civil society partners from:

- Czech Republic (Europeum), where the last European election’s turnout was of 18.2% and where debates on the EU are lively;

- France (European Movement – France), where the Presidential elections campaign touches upon European issues and where, despite the presence of the EP seat on its territory, general public is very little aware of the MEP’s work;

- Greece (To Diktio), where the crisis hit among the hardest and where the EU rules implementation are subject to controversy

Building on its experience gained while realising a similar project in 2014 project, the Jacques Delors Institute and its European partners selected 20 key issues which are of great importance for citizens in order to analyse how the European representatives voted on it up to their mid-term mandate. We produce infographics and analyses that can be shared on the social networks as well as during physical and online events, shaped so as to reach the citizens who are less aware of the European dimension of certain issues. In order to select MEP’s vote, we took 20 topics and particularly those which are currently at the heart of public debates in Europe. These subjects are: TTIP/TAFTA, European Budget, Relations with Iran, Refugee crisis; Youth guarantees; Glyphosate authorisation renewal; etc. Local citizen dialogues are to be organised in the territories in France, Czech Republic and Greece in order to make MEPs have a dialogue with citizens on these issues in early 2017 and beyond.