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Greece Forward III: Progressive policies for the cities today and tomorrow

For the third consecutive year the international conference "Greece Forward III" which co-organized by DIKTIO and FEPS, was held on Wensday 4th of October at the Acropolis Museum.
This year's theme of the conference was "Progressive policies for the cities today and tomorrow", 
The President of the Republic, H.E Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos, opened the proceedings of the conference. He referred to the modern role of the city as a connecting link between the nation-state and supranational organizations, he mentioned the importance of the European institutions on rewarding the emerging pioneering cities, the enormous need for innovation in urban life and the functioning of municipalities, and finally the role of modern cities in absorbing social vibrations, segregations and inequalities.
For its part, Anna Diamantopoulou, President of DIKTIO, spoke in her introductory speech on the necessity of addressing the problems of the cities, with a modern look and not through the ideologies and prejudices of the past, proposing more autonomy, decentralization and liberation of forces in self-government. The FEPS was represented by Dr. Ernst Stetter, Secretary General.
Click the image below for the Conference Report:
Photo Gallery by Christos Bonis (Eurokinissi)