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Potsdam 2017: «The future of Europe through the global challenges»

DIKTIO - NETWORK participated for the second consecutive year in the Annual Conference "M100 Sanssouci Colloquium" whixh is held each year in Potsdam, Germany, aiming to strengthen democratic institutions, pluralism and freedom of speech through dialogue between media representatives and state factors. This year's meeting was titled "Democracy or Autocracy? The Revival of Dark Powers" and DIKTIO - NETWORK was represented by the dierctor, Yannis Mastrogeriou.
The debate consisted of academics, journalists and analysts from EU countries and took place in the wake of President Juncker's speech on the future of the EU the previous day.
The debate interventions made extensive references to the challenges the EU currently face. The dialogue brought to light a wide range of views. From Brexit's possible suspension to the idea of a flexible union and EU’s relations with Russia.
The desire to strengthen the 27 member states and the reflection on the future of Europe was evident.
Mr Mastrogeorgiou, In line with what DIKTIO - NETWORK has long emphasized in its publications, repeated that, beyond the plans of the Union and President Juncker, there are three global and powerful forces of change that the Union must take into account:
1. Demographic and migration trends.
2. Technology revolution, automation and how it influences employment.
3. The reluctance of a large part of the population against the new trends of globalization, as expressed through the strengthening of xenophobic and introverted parties.

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