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DIKTIO's President and Members have an active role in participating in international meetings and events.

Brussels: FoE State of Europe 2017

President of DIKTIO Anna Diamantopoulou participated at Friends of Europe annual summit "State of Europe" 2017:  "People Power Change: Navigating the New Era", which took place in Brussels 11-12 October 2017. This year’s State of Europe roundtable is focused on how people are rewriting the rules of politics. How does Europe turn an age of uncertainty into an age of opportunity?

B-in-EU Jean Monnet Module launching event at Deree

Event Summary by Deree:

On Tuesday, October 3, Deree – The American College of Greece hosted the much anticipated launching event of B-in-EU, the EU co-funded project run under ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Module scheme, implemented at Deree, and coordinated by Associate Professor Dr. Anna Visvizi.
The aim of the B-in-EU project is to promote novel approaches to teaching European integration to business students, equipping them with the special skills and knowledge about the EU, thus turning them into dedicated EU citizens and advocates of European integration.
In the crowd-packed space of the Upper Level Library, the Provost, Dr. Thymios Zacharopoulos and Dr. Anna Visvizi welcomed the guests and elaborated on the project before giving the floor to the event’s keynote speaker, Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou, former Minister of Education and EU Commissioner, and current president of “To Diktio” – Network for Reform in Greece and Europe. An equally motivating panel discussion ensued, featuring Dr. Marta Pachocka, Jean Monnet Module Eumigro, Mr. Dimitris Anagnostopoulos, and Professor Anna Moni, moderated by Ms. Lillian Psylla.
In her inspirational speech, themed “The imperative for a shared future in an unpredictable world”, Mrs. Diamantopoulou discussed Europe’s main challenges and prospects for the future. Through the centuries, the European continent has been one of blood, wars, among which two World Wars. Now, it is a continent of democracy and peace. Sixty years since its founding Treaty, said Mrs. Diamantopoulou, the European Union can take pride in a unique achievement; that of being the most formidable case of peaceful transnational cooperation in human history. Sadly, the EU is faced with a polycrisis: the Eurozone crisis, Brexit, the refugee and migration crisis, security challenges, and the rise of nationalistic and illiberal forces.
Mrs. Diamantopoulou stressed the need for leaders who will work for Europe and see beyond the national interest, and identified the three global forces that will shape its future in the long run: the rapid demographic change; the dominance of digitization and automation; and the challenges to Europe’s competiveness caused by such emerging economies as China. To survive, Europe will have to invest in innovation and in developing the industries of the future, as well as tackle two major issues, i.e. the government model and the security issue.
On the matter of the Greek crisis, Mrs. Diamantopoulou maintained that Greece, despite its competitive advantages, still needs the EU to stay afloat and that we shouldn’t put our EU participation in doubt.
Speaking of the Erasmus+ program, Mrs. Diamantopoulou described it as the most successful and popular EU project to this day. Designed to combat social inequality and nepotism, and to promote universality, equality for all, and academic excellence, Erasmus+, through its €14.7 billion budget, offers opportunities to over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.
“Politics is to participate in a movement” concluded Anna Diamantopoulou, speaking of Diktio, the think tank on reform she has established, which is also currently running an Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Program. Diktio is a not-for-profit, think-and act-tank working towards consensus and against polarization. It aims to foster the concept of European citizenship as well as support and strengthen Greece’s European identity.
Congratulations to all B-in-EU Ambassadors, whose commitment, hard work, and team spirit, made the launch of this important event possible!

Thessaloniki Summit 2017: The growth for Northen Greece

The president of DIKTIO Anna Diamantopoulou participated at the International Conference "Thessaloniki Summit 2017" with a group of regional and international prominent experts and policy makers from all around the world. Ms Diamantopoulou speech was about  "Drivers of Growth for the Economy of Northern Greece", focused on the necessary actions for the substantial economic development of Northern Greece.

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DIKTIO full member of FEPS

DIKTIO has been accepted as a full member of FEPS (Foundation of European Progressive Studies), during the General Assembly which took place on 28th of June in Brussels. Maria Joao Rodrigues elected new FEPS president. Her election, is the first time for a woman at such a position.

On the same day, took place the annual FEPS flagship conference “Call to Europe”, this year entitled “Democracy First”. DIKTIO’s president Anna Diamantopoulou took part as a speaker in the panel discussion about the role of progressive on the fight against extremism and populism.

A. Diamantopoulou at the General Assembly of FEPS

Thessaloniki - Solidarity as the solution to the refugee crisis

President of DIKTIO, Anna Diamantopoulou participated on the Conference  #Refugeeswelcome - Solidarity  which took place in Thessaloniki on 8 May 2017. The Conference was organised by The Global Progressive Forum, SOLIDAR and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and aimed at  bringing together European political leaders, civil society organizations, European and local institutions and researchers, to identify a common approach and common solutions to the current crisis.

DIKTIO at 2nd Delphi Economic Forum

DIKTIO - Network for the Reform in Greece and Europe, participated as programming partner at Delphi Economic Forum 2017. Organized the round table "Structural Reforms for more inclusive Growth" with the participation of the president Anna Diamantopoulou, Sandro Gozi, Gilles Merritt, Sir Christofer Pissarides, Dr. Pedro Sanchez, Pr. Panos Tsakloglou coordinated by Maria HoukliStructural reforms include a variety of policy initiatives - in product, labor and financial markets, and in tax and benefit systems, among others - to enhance the productive capacity of our economies. How can we design appropriate policies to strengthen growth and make it inclusive and sustainable over time?

Get an overview of the relationship between the rapid pace of trade and financial globalization and the rise in income inequality. Moderated by Yannis Mastrogeorgiou, Director of DIKTIO and a great line up of speakers: Dr. Arup Banerji, World Bank Group, Tassos Giannitsis, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens, Dr Noureddine Bardad-Daidj, Ambassador of Algeria in Athens, George Pagoulatos, Professor of European Politics and Economy, AUEB, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Director of Research, diaNEOsis.

For more details: http://www.delphiforum.gr/ 

Paris, Nov. 2016: New Pact for Europe

Yannis Mastrogeorgiou, Director of DIKTIO participated on the New Pact for Europe project which will explore how the EU can better serve the interests of its member states and citizens, through a series of national and transnational debates on key policy challenges (the migration/refugee crisis, internal and external security, as well as economic and social challenges).

photos and more on: https://twitter.com/PactforEurope?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw  

Frankfurt: Rewriting the rules of the European Economy

President of DIKTIO - Network Anna Diamantopoulou participated to the second meeting of the FEPS Next Social Europe High Level Advisory Group Meeting on the “Rewriting the rules of the European Economy”. The meeting was organised with the support of Policy Network and Renner Institut in Frakfurt and in the beautiful city of Würzburg, Germany on 17th - 18th November 2016. The objective of this session was to advance and hopefully bring towards the finalstage the work on the European sister publication to Joseph Stiglitz’s “Re-writing the Rules of the American Economy: An Agenda of Shared Prosperity”. In the discussions that followed, discussed issues such as: the modern welfare state, labor relations, the developmental state, public investment, etc. in order of the modern European economy. 

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